Forever Nuts – Or Am I Nuts?

Forever Nuts, DAVIDsTEA DAVIDsTEA has long been one of my passions. Their aqua and white logo is what drew me into their store over four years ago and their wide variety of tea has kept me coming back ever since. I’d have to say that my all-time favourite tea is Santa’s Secret. It’s peppermint goodness […]

My Top Five Reasons For Wanting To Live In Europe

1. The proximity to other countries No longer would you need to endure a seven hour, $1500 flight to experience a completely different culture. Budget airlines rule the European skies and make long-weekend jaunts affordable and timely. 2. Not living in North American culture This is a big one for me. Leave behind massive, overly-salted […]

So, what’s with the name?

Glad you asked. When I tossed around the idea of starting yet another blog, but with a promise that it wouldn’t be abandoned after ten posts, I started the elusive search for a blog name. It needed to be something clever, a little bit strange if it was going to directly relate to me, something […]