Forever Nuts – Or Am I Nuts?

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Forever Nuts, DAVIDsTEA

DAVIDsTEA has long been one of my passions. Their aqua and white logo is what drew me into their store over four years ago and their wide variety of tea has kept me coming back ever since.

I’d have to say that my all-time favourite tea is Santa’s Secret. It’s peppermint goodness along with the mini sugar candy canes instantly hit the spot and I stock up every winter season. 

I’ve always been afraid to claim a new favourite tea, for whatever reason, I just couldn’t bare to think that Santa’s Secret could be replaced in my tea cupboard, this was until I bought Forever Nuts.

I had a friend move to the UK and she stocked up on this tea before she left. She’s asked people to send her care packages with this tea in them, she raves about it. After buying Forever Nuts and drinking four glasses of it at work, I was hooked. The blend of almonds, apples and cinnamon are nicely topped off with a hint of beetroot (This also makes the tea a charming pink colour). 

Although, I do with that there were more nuts than other stuff, I can imagine it not being as sweet as the current combination makes it.

Do any of you have a favourite tea you never want to replace? Or have you, like me, found a new tea to grace the shelves of your cupboard?


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