You can only help yourself

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Many people would say that I’m lucky to have a job. Yes, sure. However, it’s a contract job and at the end of it I’m not sure that what I’ll have to show for it is worth it, really. I can see it now, arriving at an interview and being asked to see my portfolio of what I’ve done. Not sure that media monitoring and grabbing coffee are really ‘portfolio-worthy’. If they are, then great! I’m in the right place to step into the PR world and say, “Hey! I’m here!”.we

The really sad part is that I won’t do anything to change this. I’ve become complacent and fallen into a routine of mediocrity. Go to work, sit on twitter, talk with cubicle neighbour, look at job postings, come home, eat dinner, workout and watch numerous episodes of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix. How boring.

I need advice and this pot of tea that I’m about to consume won’t give me any, but at least it tastes good.



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