My Top Five Reasons For Wanting To Live In Europe

1. The proximity to other countries

  • No longer would you need to endure a seven hour, $1500 flight to experience a completely different culture. Budget airlines rule the European skies and make long-weekend jaunts affordable and timely.

2. Not living in North American culture

  • This is a big one for me. Leave behind massive, overly-salted portions of hamburgers, french fries and pizza, gun-obsessed neighbours to the south, and possibly the worst excuse of public transportation in the modern world (more on that later), for smaller portions of food, proper pints of beers, not-so-gun-obsessed neighbours, and public transportation to whisk you away to any corner of Europe in hours. Simple.

3. Music

  • If you go through my iTunes 80% of the bands I listen to are from Europe. How often do I get to see their gigs? Never. Enough said.


  • Walk down any high street in any European city and notice how well put together everyone is? Amazing. Far different to the typical ‘jeans too baggy, XL t-shirt and XL hoody’ that plague the streets of the city I live in. I’m not even that fashion-forward, but I can definitely appreciate a well put together outfit.

5. Public Transportation

  • I do not like to drive, I don’t enjoy it, if I could I would never do it again. However, North America is essentially built around the personal automobile, so in short – the public transit sucks here. Also, due to the vastness of this ginormous country it would take days to drive across it, and the train would take even longer. I don’t think it’s right to live somewhere where the public transit takes longer than driving yourself. If you want to get people to leave their cars at home, make taking the train a more convenient option *cough* high speed rail *cough*.

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