So, what’s with the name?

Glad you asked.

When I tossed around the idea of starting yet another blog, but with a promise that it wouldn’t be abandoned after ten posts, I started the elusive search for a blog name. It needed to be something clever, a little bit strange if it was going to directly relate to me, something that’s easy to remember and finally, something funny.

I could have just used my name as it totally fits under my outlined criteria, clever, strange, relates to me, not too easy to remember, but is totally funny because no one knows how to say it properly the first time. No. In my mind blogs that are named after the person who writes them remind me of Perez Hilton. Enough said.

Gin and Limey – a slight variation of my all-time favourite drink of choice, a gin and lime, or Tom Collins – whatever you prefer. I was introduced to gin during my first year of University when I was told that it “tastes like Christmas”, well I love Christmas so I bought a bottle of gin and decided to see if I could, in fact, taste Christmas. Shockingly, I could and thus began my love affair with gin and gin and lime to be precise. However, when searching the list of already taken names for blogs, Gin and Lime was already taken by a blog that has had zero activity. Frustrating, yes.

So began the search of finding another name for Gin and Lime, or Gin and Tonic. Tom Collins was also taken so I took to google and it brought me to a website that had a short history about the Gin cocktail. Intriguing. I learned exactly how a lime was incorporated to this delightful beverage.

Of course the final component to the classic gin and tonic is a slice of lime, and it is also linked to disease prevention and European expansion.  In 1747, British surgeon James Lind carried out an experiment on mariners aboard a Royal Navy ship.  His findings illustrated that a lack of Vitamin C caused scurvy.  By the late nineteenth century, Royal Navy ships provided a mandatory daily ration of limes for sailors to fight the disease (hence the British nickname “limey” )- via Active History

Et voila. A blog name was born. Although I’m no sailor I do make sure I get my weekly rations of lime each weekend. So I don’t, y’know catch a bit of scurvy. 😉


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