My Top Five Rules for a Perfect Road Trip

I recently participated in a road trip that was beyond terrible. If it wasn’t for the wicked deals at the outlet mall on the way home, I would have been completely miserable. Here’s my list to make sure you don’t participate in a nightmare of a road trip – even if it’s with your friends. […]

My Top Five Reasons For Wanting To Live In Europe

1. The proximity to other countries No longer would you need to endure a seven hour, $1500 flight to experience a completely different culture. Budget airlines rule the European skies and make long-weekend jaunts affordable and timely. 2. Not living in North American culture This is a big one for me. Leave behind massive, overly-salted […]

So, what’s with the name?

Glad you asked. When I tossed around the idea of starting yet another blog, but with a promise that it wouldn’t be abandoned after ten posts, I started the elusive search for a blog name. It needed to be something clever, a little bit strange if it was going to directly relate to me, something […]