Forever Nuts – Or Am I Nuts?

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Forever Nuts, DAVIDsTEA

DAVIDsTEA has long been one of my passions. Their aqua and white logo is what drew me into their store over four years ago and their wide variety of tea has kept me coming back ever since.

I’d have to say that my all-time favourite tea is Santa’s Secret. It’s peppermint goodness along with the mini sugar candy canes instantly hit the spot and I stock up every winter season. 

I’ve always been afraid to claim a new favourite tea, for whatever reason, I just couldn’t bare to think that Santa’s Secret could be replaced in my tea cupboard, this was until I bought Forever Nuts.

I had a friend move to the UK and she stocked up on this tea before she left. She’s asked people to send her care packages with this tea in them, she raves about it. After buying Forever Nuts and drinking four glasses of it at work, I was hooked. The blend of almonds, apples and cinnamon are nicely topped off with a hint of beetroot (This also makes the tea a charming pink colour). 

Although, I do with that there were more nuts than other stuff, I can imagine it not being as sweet as the current combination makes it.

Do any of you have a favourite tea you never want to replace? Or have you, like me, found a new tea to grace the shelves of your cupboard?

Why I Love LUSH!

During my first year of University I made the ever so great mistake of walking into the LUSH Cosmetics store on Toronto’s bustling Queen St. West.

Never have I turned back, ever.

The minute I stepped foot through their doors, I was smothered by the sweet smelling aromas of their products and two employees who absolutely loved my TOMS shoes (they were covered in silver sparkles, hard not to love, really).  I couldn’t remember the last time I walked into a store and genuinely felt welcome.

The LUSH employees took me around the store pointing out their favourite products and letting me test almost all of them out (another plus). Then, they asked me what I was looking for. I told them I was in the market for new face wash and that I’d never found one that actually worked. One of the girls asked me about 15 questions about my skin, is it dry? Oily? Flaky? red? Dull? Acne Prone? Etc, etc. I feel as though we bonded over sharing stories about how bad our skin could get, how other cleansers seemed to always make the problem worse and had almost given up entirely of ever having clear skin. She led me to a facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer combination and promised me that it would help ease the war currently covering my face and if I wasn’t satisfied, I could come back to the store and get a full refund.

I appreciated that I never felt out of place talking to in-depth about my acne woes. I would have never done the same in another store. The friendly, informative and welcoming atmosphere in LUSH is far beyond anything I could imagine happening anywhere else.

Needless to say, I’ve never had to go back in to return anything, ever.

Easier Said Than Done, Watson

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen the quote, “If you don’t like your job, quit” written all over the walls of the internet.

When I was in school, this quote was amazing. “Fuck yeah,” I thought,”if I don’t like my job, I’ll quit! Screw society!” blah blah blah.

So, here I am, sitting in an office 5 months from graduating and hating my job.

It started out great, like most new relationships. But, it has since gone sour and I can’t seem to actually live up to a quote I used to idolize.

Looks like it’s time to write a cover letter and set forth the resume to all of the job openings of the world.

Stay Classy, Toronto

What an embarrassment. Honestly. I live in the biggest city in Canada and our Mayor is a complete and total buffoon.

Click the above link to see him miming drinking and driving during a council meeting today. Drinking and driving is something that he’s admitted to doing and apparently doesn’t think there is anything wrong with it.

Shame on you, Rob Ford.


Canada, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down

Don’t get me wrong, Canada is great. We have great people here, great food and a great reputation in the world. However, it’s massive. So massive that it costs an arm and a leg to fly anywhere! We don’t have discount airlines here like Europe does and anything considered “cheap” is still a $400 tab for a round-trip journey.

This rant brings me closer to the big move that I’ve already referred to in other posts. A weekend in Paris? Germany for four days? Check, check! All completely possible when your home-base is in Europe. No longer do I need a two week holiday to explore a new country, no $1500 round-trip air tickets, no extreme jet-lag after crossing four different time zones. The list of positives can go on and on for someone who’s caught the travel bug, like I have.

The only thing I can do at this point is continue to look up job vacancies in Europe, save my money and bear and grin at a current job I hate.

Wish me luck.


You can only help yourself

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Many people would say that I’m lucky to have a job. Yes, sure. However, it’s a contract job and at the end of it I’m not sure that what I’ll have to show for it is worth it, really. I can see it now, arriving at an interview and being asked to see my portfolio of what I’ve done. Not sure that media monitoring and grabbing coffee are really ‘portfolio-worthy’. If they are, then great! I’m in the right place to step into the PR world and say, “Hey! I’m here!”.we

The really sad part is that I won’t do anything to change this. I’ve become complacent and fallen into a routine of mediocrity. Go to work, sit on twitter, talk with cubicle neighbour, look at job postings, come home, eat dinner, workout and watch numerous episodes of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix. How boring.

I need advice and this pot of tea that I’m about to consume won’t give me any, but at least it tastes good.


My Top Five Rules for a Perfect Road Trip

I recently participated in a road trip that was beyond terrible. If it wasn’t for the wicked deals at the outlet mall on the way home, I would have been completely miserable.

Here’s my list to make sure you don’t participate in a nightmare of a road trip – even if it’s with your friends.

1) Make sure you have directions and the person driving can admit to getting lost

There is nothing like driving for 45 minutes in the wrong direction because the driver doesn’t want to admit fault, but “thinks they’re going in the right direction”. Maps people, please make sure you have a map. I thought this was common sense, and you might think so too, but this happened to me for an entire weekend. Save the grief. Google maps is your friend.

2) Don’t road trip with people who act 15 years older than they actually are

Never mind having the reason for the road trip being cancelled, instead of exploring the new city you’re in, let’s have everyone take a day long nap so they can get up for dinner and then nap again during the supposed “pre-drink for the wild night out” because people act like they’re geriatrics. Sleep when you’re dead, or at least, when you’re back at home.

3) If you’re going across a border during the road trip – make sure everyone’s passports are valid

This is common sense to me and I thought it would be to others. Alas, I was wrong. Travelling with someone that reported their passport being stolen, finding said passport and thinking they could still use said passport only creates major delays. This adds minutes, if not hours, onto the final travel time, everyone gets irritated because no one likes dealing with egotistic border security guards and everyone hates you because you actually thought travelling on a “lost” passport would be okay with homeland security.

4) Don’t travel with a know-it-all

You know this person. They absolutely know everything there is to know about anything. This ranges from the music on the radio and how a song relates to something so amazing that they’ve done, to topics they think they understand, but don’t. Finally, my personal favourite, when they claim to know more about a culture of someone who is travelling with them. Annoying.

5) Last, but definitely not least don’t travel with the people who won’t put their fair share of money into the cost of gas or road tolls

This is the most irritating thing – ever. Some people have the audacity to think that they’re going on a free road trip and any time you come up to a road toll, they’ve conveniently lost their wallet, or purse, or money in general. They comment about how high the gas bill came to on the pump, but still don’t offer to throw a $20 bill down. This one provides to be tricky though, because you don’t actually know how cheap people can be. I suggest you lay out the guidelines on gas and tolls before the road trip to save yourself from becoming passive aggressive and ruining your trip.